Violin Repairs

Things You Should Know About Violin Repairs

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violin repairs

Violin is the smallest of all stringed instruments. It produces real soft and melodious sound with a relaxing tone. However, violins can produce violent sound when played in groups, creating an arpeggio.

Whatever be the tune, stringed instrument repair is an important part of a violin’s life. Keeping this in mind, violin players often make a mistake when they consider doing repair works on their own. This could lead to catastrophic end of the instrument.

If the repairing works are minor, you can fix them on your own. But major repairing works must be done only through professionals. So how will you determine which repairing works must be dealt through the experts?

Loose Fingerboards
Fingerboards are prone to receive damage at notes that are played several times. They are most likely, D on A string (third finger on first position). The damage cause the string to become loose, thus creating a fuzzy sound. Smoothing the fingerboard is a task that must be done through professionals. If treated improperly, the shape and the curve can be irretrievably altered.

Fitting new bridge
The bridge of the violin controls the tone. Thus, fixing a new bridge is something that must be done properly to provide top quality sound. Do not ever try to fix a new bridge on your own as it may change the entire tune of the violin. Consider fixing it through an expert professional who has the knowledge of repairing the bridge.

Moving and setting the sound post
Professionals repair, cut and set the sound posts properly. Doing this is very easy for them as they are experts. It is generally a difficult and risky task for an individual as the entire violin can get damaged in the process of doing so. The best time to check the sound posts is when a new bridge is fitted on the violin.

Violin repairs in your hand

Changing the strings
Replacing a string is a work that every violinist should know and do. It is illogical to think that whenever you need to change the strings you must go to the professionals. Violin strings must be replaced one at a time. This is to keep the bridge in position and to maintain the constant tension on the sound post and neck.

Straightening the bridge
While replacing the strings make sure you check the straightness of the bridge. Some violinists loosen all the strings to check the bridge, but experts do not recommend it.

These were some major and minor violin repairs. Always remember, whatever stringed instrument you are using, repair works must be done only by professionals.