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What To Do When Your Commercial Property Is Infested By Pest Birds?

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What To Do When Your Commercial Property Is Infested By Pest Birds?

Birds in a commercial building are nuisance and negatively affect the facility and the people who are working in and around it.

Millions of dollars are spent to stop the birds from creating damage to automobiles, machinery & ventilation systems, and contaminating food. Bird droppings contain nitrogen in abundance, which causes corrosion to various building materials, especially metals.

The fecal material of a bird also contains organisms that can cause severe problems like cryptococcus, ectoparasites and histoplasmosis. These are diseases which lead to high fever, coughing and chest pain. If they are left unattended, the disease may spread to lungs and other organs leading to death.

Fortunately, you can manage these birds through several commercial bird control methods. Usually, these are provided by a registered pest controller who not only chases away the annoying birds but also implements measures to keep future infestations at bay.

The Removal Process
The first step for controlling a bird infestation is proper inspection. Identify the areas which are used by the birds for feeding, nesting, roosting and loitering. Do not forget to inspect at a regular interval as bird activity changes depending on the time of the day.

The second step would be to make your facility unattractive to birds. You can do this by installing nets, bird wire, gels and coils at the place of infestation. When the birds find your facility uncomfortable for nesting, they will leave the place and make their nests somewhere else.

Another optional method can be setting up traps and using chemical treatments.
A pest controller is the best personnel who determines which kind of removal process is suitable for your property, depending on the type of birds and infestations.

Guarding the roof
Some birds prefer roosting on flat surfaces and can be found on roof ledges. Once they make their nest, it will be hard for you to discourage them through various repellents and relocation techniques. This is why, it is recommended that you take action before they turn your roof into a roosting platform. Regularly inspect you roof tops and sweep away any standing water after heavy showers. It can serve as an impromptu bird bath.

Remove any free meals
Birds are not just attracted by the pattern of your property, they can also come if they find a free source of food. Clear away any uncovered food and make sure that trash bins are kept covered at all times.

Hiring a good bird pest controller eliminates all kinds of birds from your property. They are the best personnel to understand the problems caused by the pest and implement countermeasures accordingly.

Getting Rid Of Mice And Rats

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Do you know that rats and mice cannot see properly, so they prefer running close to structures? If you leave a scented path unintentionally which is familiar to them, you will notice that they are running on the same path repeatedly. But removing rats and mice from your home comes with limited options for a homeowner. This is because rats seem to be smarter while mice are more curious.

Most of the people get fed up and use poison for getting rid of the rodents. But it is not at all an expert’s recommendation, as it results in emission of foul smell after their death. This is because rat prefer dying in closed and complex areas. That is why, it is a smart choice to hire a professional offering commercial pest control in Melbourne.

So how do these professionals deal with the gnawing invaders?

Snap Traps
Snap traps are laid along the path of their excrement, gnawing marks and urine stains. In this process, food sources are removed without disturbing the habitat. The trap is placed perpendicularly to the structure where they live or hide so they do not have to work hard by walking around the trap. Rats do not like to change their course and are very cautious. When trapping a rat, it is advised to set the traps in the same place where they have been planted before. But in the case of mice, you can change the place of the trap as they are curious about everything.

Glue Boards
Glue boards are deadly structures for rats and mice. They are placed on the path of their movement. Glue boards must not be placed at extreme temperatures. The best thing to do is plant the trap for two to three nights so that the critters get familiar with it and run upon to test the field. The traps must be placed alongside walls, corners or under the table and chair.

Professionals sometimes prefer using user-friendly productsto repel mice and rats. They include powders, ropes and sprays. Powders are sprayed in the areas where they come for a regular visit like trash cans, exterior walls, garage, and basement. Ropes are used in the same manner. They can be cut into specific sizes depending upon the need. On the contrary, sprays are applied on objects which are prone to rat and mice gnaws. The sprays are used to create an unpleasant taste for those critters.

These are the basic professional solutions for removing rats and mice from a property.