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How Do Skyscraper Windows Get Cleaned?

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Skyscraper Windows

Window cleaning is a time-consuming and tiresome task, but whether you consider to do it on your own or not, it has to be done regularly. This seems to be a problem for most people, as in these days, busy schedule is slowly swallowing our normal lifestyle. This is why smarter people opt for professional window cleaning, especially when you are hundreds of metres above the ground.

So, how is skyscraper window cleaning carried out?

Window cleaning equipment
Since window cleaning service has to be done at such great heights, there’s an array of tools and equipment that they have to carry while working on tall buildings. A typical window cleaner’s equipment consists of a rope protector, rope-grabbing tool, safety rope, lanyard and suction cups. These tools help the window cleaners to clean a building’s facade at rapid speed with great efficiency.

While working on the facade of a building, the professional is attached to an anchor, which is mounted on the roof. The anchor ensures that the workers clean the windows properly as they descend vertically. Window cleaners don’t descend smoothly, they proceed to the next floor in a fashion that appears as though they are dropping through each floor one at a time.

Window washers at work
At first, cleaners used to stand on the window ledges and hold onto the frame for support to clean windows. Can you imagine it? After a period, leather belt was introduced keeping the safety in mind. These belts are now attached to the anchor bolts, which holds the workers safely in air. Advanced window cleaners now use scaffolds for even more safety and convenience.

Nowadays, there are different ways in which window cleaning is done based on certain requirements. The process of working depends entirely on how the work is to be completed.

Challenges of high-rise window cleaning
It goes without saying that cleaning skyscraper windows is, for obvious reasons, a high-risk job. Dusting or cleaning a window in your room only takes a piece of cloth, soapy water and a little motivation. However, when the same thing is to be done on the 100th floor of a building in Perth, that too outside of the window at a dizzying height, things change drastically.

Window cleaners take the risk and provide you crystal clear windows to curb various infestations and a streak free glass pane.