How Does The Indian Society Violate Child Rights?

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Child Rights Violation in IndiaMost studies conducted in the sphere of child rights show that the violation of rights guaranteed to children is not the outcome of one factor, but has been brought about in India by multiple inadequacies and failures. The factors responsible for it are largely interlinked, and merely extensive policy reforms would not be enough to curb them. Rather, reforms must be combined with an effort to bring about significant changes in the mindset of the common people.

Now let’s have a quick discussion about ways in which the child rights are presently being violated in India:


Violence, particularly that of a sexual nature, against children, generally occurs due to social stigma. According to surveys, in 2012, nearly 9500 children and adolescents were murdered. In addition to that, 1 among every 3 young girls aged 15 to 19 years becomes the victim of emotional, sexual or physical violence. Unfortunately, violence…

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