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Opal – Diamond Of The New Era

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The unusual and lustrous beauty of an opal is something that no other stone in Australia can deliver. The opulent gemstone thrive in the Australian outback of harsh and dry condition. There are a lot of opal mines across Australia, among which four spots are the most popular. They are Coober Pedy, Andamooka, White Cliffs and The Lightning Ridge.

Not only the finest opals, but also the best cutters uphold the pride of Australia. The Australian opal jewellery determines the value of the stone through their colour play, brilliancy, body formation and the class. The shades of the unique stones range from black to white. The darker hues are more desirable and expensive than the lighter ones because the colour play can be observed more clearly on a dark background. Black opals are rare which makes them costlier and precious. The opals are appealing mainly because of their colour play. The more valuable a stone is, the more the colour it plays. The brilliant shades present within an opal are the result of diffraction of light through the different spheres of silica, of which the stones are made of. Light passing through a larger sphere may appear red, while through a smaller sphere may seem blue or green.

Opal is classified as a nebulous non-crystalline gem and the word opal is derived from the Greek word opallos which means optical change. Opals are formed from the deposition of liquid silica that comes from decayed vegetation and creatures. The hardness rating on Mohs scale shows an opal stone at 5.5 to 6.5 (diamonds are at 10). Thus, the stone must be kept away from oil and ultrasonic rays. They consist only 10 percent of water and when they are worn, they consume moisture from the environment to keep themselves hydrated.

Marvelous Opal Jewelery

opal jewelery
Opals are themselves beautiful and they offer an extreme level of beautification if they are worn on white gold. Making any jewellery in this combination can make the piece look absolutely astounding. Before buying an opal, the most vital factors that you should consider are the type, colour, size and pattern of the stone. It is also important to select the white gold jewellery on which the stone will be embossed.
The process of purchasing an opal jewellery can be a whole lot easier if you go to a professional jewellery maker who would be able to provide you with the best thing within your budget.

Top Signs That Say An Opal Is Fake

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Opals are undoubtedly one of the most precious stones found naturally on the surface of earth. Unfortunately, there are some vendors who try to scam people with fake versions of these stones. But certain signs can help you to tell the difference between a real opal and a fake one.

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How To Maintain A Healthy & Happy Workplace?

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workplaceEmployees spend most of their time in the office premises. Thus, in order to keep them happy and healthy, it is the responsibility of every business owner to maintain a healthy environment in the place. Proper upkeep and following certain healthy guidelines can just be enough to create a positive atmosphere inside the office. Some of the easiest tricks of keeping a office environment clean have been discussed below –

Keep The Place Organized & Dust Free
dust free workplaceMaintaining a dust-free office is one of the keys to a healthy working atmosphere. Disorganization can automatically impart a clumsy and unattractive look to the workplace, which in turn can set an unpleasant impression in front of visitors. It has always been stated that the first impression lasts for long period of time. Thus, in order to ensure a pleasant appearance of the office, it is always important to keep the place organized and clean.

Keep The Pests Away
commercial pest controlPests have a tendency to infest office areas too, especially in the pantry space of any particular workplace. Thus, in order to protect the employees from harmful diseases caused by the insects, it is always recommended to take measurable steps. There are numerous commercial pest control service providers in Melbourne who can take care and prevent the workplace from harmful insect infestations.

Encourage The Employees 
employeeEmployees will not feel very motivated if the higher business authority does not do something about it. Thus, it is always recommended to encourage each and every employee of the organization with care. This can be done by simply presenting small gifts such as a floral bouquet or a memento as a token of appreciation.

Install Of Proper Lighting
office lighitingHaving proper lighting system is equally an important task to maintain a healthy working environment. This is because insufficient lighting can create various problems such as low visibility of certain areas or objects, which in turn may lead to headaches. And as a result, an uncomfortable working atmosphere produce a negative impact on the business.

Create An Eco-Friendly Atmosphere
eco friendlyApart from maintaining a clean and clear office environment, it is also important to have an eco friendly ambience in there. This can be done by placing certain indoor plants at every corner of the area. Indoor plants not only increase the aesthetic appearance of a place, but also refreshen the environment to some extent.

Thus in order to maintain a healthy workplace and happy employees, following all the aforementioned tips is definitely mandatory.

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Investing In Paver Patios? Know These Things Before You Do

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If you are planning to have a patio area created in your property with pavers, there are certain things that you need to know of before finalising the project. In addition to that, you must also find a good contractor who offers patio paving in Perth. Saying that, here are the things that you must be aware of:

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If you are planning to have a patio area created in your property with pavers, there are certain things that you need to know of before finalising the project. In addition to that, you must also find a good contractor who offers patio paving in Perth. Saying that, here are the things that you must be aware of:

Affordable & Low Maintenance
Nothing can beat pavers when it comes to low maintenance and ease of installation. Even though the installation costs would be higher compared to other options, the investment will help to save more in future, because it does not necessitate re-sealing or re-staining. In addition to that, any damaged paver can be repaired easily.

Drainage Planning
Before pavers are laid out for creating a patio area, it is important to plan the structure in such a way that it slopes away from the foundation of the house…

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The Material Options Available For Patio Designing

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patio paving serviceWhen it comes to the construction of your patio, the most common two options appear to be brick and concrete. Now, how will you determine which is the best? Read below to find out.

Here is a knowledgeable pavement, on which, if you walk will let you determine the difference between a brick pavement and a concrete pavement. First of all, a pavement means thin and flat stones laid on the ground to provide a comfortable platform to walk on. Patio paving in Perth designed with cubes of brick always remains a popular preference of the people and helps to create a beautiful landscape.

Advantages Of Brick Pavers
One of the top advantages of brick pavers is their ability of colour retention. They do not need to be coloured artificially and can be simply mixed in different types of clays to achieve the desired shade. Their colour doesn’t fade in the long run even if exposed to UV rays. Bricks stand for a generation while a concrete pavement can erode or fade in the long run. Brick pavement requires less maintenance as it is a substance natural resistant to stains. Above all, bricks are an absolute eco-friendly product made from materials from the earth itself.

Disadvantages Of Concrete Pavers
The first and the foremost reason to avoid concrete is its fading out of colour. This is because the colour is dyed on them rather than being applied naturally. Thus, the shade of the concrete easily fades out, especially under the sun. Sealants are available to protect the colour but requires a lot of maintenance work. While bricks stand well against daily usage, concrete’s quality gradually decreases with erosion of the smooth finish. Concretes are available in a wide variety though. However, the strength and durability depends upon your pocket. Sometimes even after investing a lot, the quality of the concrete does not match with expectations.

Hence, you can see that a brick pavement is always a good option to go for to make outdoor spaces not only functional, but also fashionable. Brick patio paving in Perth adds value to a home with the availability of a wide range of patterns. Every homeowner can enjoy the service of a brick pavement as the pavers can be customised to achieve a unique look.

Constructing a brick paver patio with interlocking bricks interestingly up brings the look of your house entrance and you will never regret after installing these gorgeous and appealing pavers.

The Major Benefits Of Harvesting Rainwater

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Rainwater harvestingRainwater harvesting typically involves accumulating water and it is a practice whose origins can be traced back to thousands of years. It is highly beneficial when it comes to preserving water for later requirements in places where there is substantial scarcity of water. In the recent times, the practice of rainwater harvesting has become extremely popular throughout Ireland, particularly in places like Cork, Kerry and other major regions. This is primarily due to the inability of groundwater to fulfill the needs of homeowners and businesses.

Apart from preservation, there are various other practical benefits of rainwater harvesting, the most important ones from among which have been discussed below:

Easy Installation
Compared to other intricate water storage methods, rainwater harvesting is very easy. All one needs are a simple tap or pipe system, storage tanks and a collection system. If you are a homeowner, you just need to install rain gutters on your roof & direct the runoff into a storage tank, and that’s it.

Free & Clean Source
This is perhaps the most important perk of rainwater harvesting. First of all, nobody is going to charge you anything for the water that you will be getting, which would help you to make great savings on your annual bills. Secondly, there is no need to worry about presence of harmful chemicals and other pollutants.

Usage of harvested rainwater for various household and business requisites aids a great deal in reducing individual carbon footprints. The same water can also be utilized for flushing toilets and washing cars, which in turn would allow perfectly clean & potable water to be employed for cooking & drinking purposes.

Since the water collected from rains is generally devoid of minerals and toxins, it can be easily used for various purposes. It is perfect for household chores like watering plants, washing cars, cleaning the driveway & patio areas, filling up a pond, and so on.

Excellent For Agriculture
Most sources of groundwater contain different types of chemicals, which make them rather unsuitable for agricultural use. But same is not the case with rainwater, as it is free from chemicals. Besides that, its utilization for agricultural purposes also reduces flooding and erosion by decreasing runoffs when there is heavy rainfall. And this, in the long run, also brings down pollution of rivers and lakes.

So if you wish to reap all these benefits, then go ahead and opt for rainwater harvesting today.