Day: July 7, 2017

Understanding The Networking Industry

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For every businesses in Australia, setting up an appropriate cable network is an act of balancing both performance and budget. Business owners usually want an efficient recovery plan without overspending.


Today Ethernet is not limited to wired connections, it has advanced to WiFi with the same speed. However, companies handling heavy network traffic prefer wired connection. There are a number of reasons why a primary workstation must directly plug into a router:

Bandwidth interference: Working on 2.4 GHz spectrum is like entering forcibly into a crowded area. Always run your WiFi on channels which are not overlapped or occupied. Determining a free channel can be easy if you hire a broadband network designing company in Sydney.

Compatibility issues: 5 GHz spectrum is wider with faster downloads, but in most cases you will need a compatible device to be installed.

Interference: Wireless has a major drawback, that is the interference from building materials like walls and floors.

In actual, wireless connections are useful for guests and small applications. They can be used at meetings or family gatherings. But when it comes to heavy networking traffic especially in your business, direct router is the best option.

Setting up a Networking Map

Working with networks is all about dealing with online traffic. Therefore, like a physical road a six lane highway can help you to reach a certain position and whenever you need to go off the road you will run into a choke point. Well, the government can do a lot to improve such situations, but when it is a matter of online networks, things are in your hand.

Setting up a networking map for your communication devices will help you to avert choke points in the huge traffic. In the future, it also acts as a reference guide for maintaining and upgrading your communication devices.

The difference between a Switch and a Router

Switch and router
Getting familiar with these two similar technologies will help you to understand the defining factors.

Switch: A switch is a kind of technology which physically connects multiple devices in the same network. For example, connecting Ethernet port, laptops and desktops to scanners, printers, wireless accessed devices and servers.

Router: A router is a device which connects multiple networks. Router helps you to communicate between the office premises through Internet. Installing router is essential whether you are working with a wired or non-wired connection.

So, what are you waiting for? Go find a service provider who specialises in networking solutions so that you can move freely in the communication industry.