The Major Benefits Of Harvesting Rainwater

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Rainwater harvestingRainwater harvesting typically involves accumulating water and it is a practice whose origins can be traced back to thousands of years. It is highly beneficial when it comes to preserving water for later requirements in places where there is substantial scarcity of water. In the recent times, the practice of rainwater harvesting has become extremely popular throughout Ireland, particularly in places like Cork, Kerry and other major regions. This is primarily due to the inability of groundwater to fulfill the needs of homeowners and businesses.

Apart from preservation, there are various other practical benefits of rainwater harvesting, the most important ones from among which have been discussed below:

Easy Installation
Compared to other intricate water storage methods, rainwater harvesting is very easy. All one needs are a simple tap or pipe system, storage tanks and a collection system. If you are a homeowner, you just need to install rain gutters on your roof & direct the runoff into a storage tank, and that’s it.

Free & Clean Source
This is perhaps the most important perk of rainwater harvesting. First of all, nobody is going to charge you anything for the water that you will be getting, which would help you to make great savings on your annual bills. Secondly, there is no need to worry about presence of harmful chemicals and other pollutants.

Usage of harvested rainwater for various household and business requisites aids a great deal in reducing individual carbon footprints. The same water can also be utilized for flushing toilets and washing cars, which in turn would allow perfectly clean & potable water to be employed for cooking & drinking purposes.

Since the water collected from rains is generally devoid of minerals and toxins, it can be easily used for various purposes. It is perfect for household chores like watering plants, washing cars, cleaning the driveway & patio areas, filling up a pond, and so on.

Excellent For Agriculture
Most sources of groundwater contain different types of chemicals, which make them rather unsuitable for agricultural use. But same is not the case with rainwater, as it is free from chemicals. Besides that, its utilization for agricultural purposes also reduces flooding and erosion by decreasing runoffs when there is heavy rainfall. And this, in the long run, also brings down pollution of rivers and lakes.

So if you wish to reap all these benefits, then go ahead and opt for rainwater harvesting today.

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